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Youth Engaged Program Development & Evaluation 

Grounded in participatory approaches, Intentional Inquiry utilizes a positive youth development approach to youth issues, meaning we engage youth as equal partners, experts in their own culture and experience, to develop, implement and improve the programs that are intended to benefit them. See the following examples (links provided in titles as available) to see our intentions in action.

Children's Colorado Pediatric Mental Health Institute Youth Action Board

Intentional Inquiry facilitates a group of high school students from across the Denver metro area in conducting research for advocacy to promote mental wellness in their schools. We ensure equity is at the center of our efforts and support youth in cultivating their leadership to initiate change that is feasible, meaningful, and impactful to their school community.

Positive Youth Development (PYD) in Action Tool

PYD is based on a set of 5 principles. In order for funders and youth service providers to be
able to support the continuous improvement of PYD practice, Intentional Inquiry was hired to work with a youth partner to co-facilitate the creation of a PYD practice rubric. This assessment tool was developed in partnership with youth and youth serving professionals, which has increased the relevance and use of this tool to enhance PYD implementation across Colorado.

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