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Strategic Planning
Intentional Inquiry takes a collaborative, data-driven, emergent learning approach to strategic planning that ensures a clear and inspiring vision and mission with tangible and actionable goals for meaningful and measurable impact. 

COACT Colorado Communities of Excellence Sustainability Planning

As part of the Civic Consulting Network, Intentional Inquiry facilitated full-day sustainability planning sessions partnership with communities across Colorado focused on developing and sustaining their system of care efforts to support children and youth with behavioral health challenges and their families. After an initial survey of strengths and challenges with each community's coordinator, we co-developed the goals for individualized meetings to move their sustainability efforts forward through a full-day retreat with their partners.

Englewood Schools' Health & Wellness Strategic Priorities and Three-Year Action Plan

In partnership with the District Wellness Coordinator, Intentional Inquiry designed and led a comprehensive strengths and needs assessment, utilizing the Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community (WSCC) Framework. The strengths and needs assessment included analyzing existing district and school level data as well as conducting interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, students, families, and community partners. From these data, Health & Wellness priorities were identified to contribute to the district's broader strategic plan focus areas of learning, people, and systems. We then worked closely with the District Wellness Coordinator to create buy-in for a more active wellness committee through facilitated data-driven goal setting meetings, action planning focus groups, and extensive opportunities for input and feedback. The results were a robust three-year action plan (launching 2018-19) with a subcommittee structure to plan and act on their priority goals of 1) social, emotional, and behavioral health support continuum, 2) staff wellness, 3) K-12 health education curriculum, 4) school-based wellness center, and 5) nutrition services. The plan includes existing and needed resources, activities, timeline, short- and long-term indicators, and people committed to advancing each goal. 

Now Is The Time Technical Assistance Center Sustainability Planning

As a subcontractor with Now Is The Time Technical Assistance Center, Intentional Inquiry led a sustainability planning workshop with the Nevada Project AWARE team. The tools and strategic guidance helped Nevada expand their conceptualization of sustainability from merely funding to a collective impact approach, aligning systems, partner resources, programs, and data. A highly abridged version of the workshop was adapted into a webinar for all Now Is The Time grantees to access.  

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