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Intentional Inquiry uses participatory action research and equitable evaluation practices to catalyze meaningful growth with youth, schools, and community partners.  

Intentional Inquiry partners with clients and their community partners to understand what is already working and what growth opportunities or innovative possibilities exist. Through this collaborative, data-driven exploration process, we build momentum for meaningful and sustainable results that lead to increased health and educational equity. With every project, our intentions are clear and consistent:

  • Care – building trust through self-awareness, appreciating our shared humanity as well as cultural differences, assuming positive intent, and communicating with integrity and compassion

  • Social justice and equity – examining root causes for disparities and disproportionalities to redesign services, opportunities, and supports that allow every individual, family, and community to reach their unique potential 


  • Strengths-based – focusing on the existing assets the individual and community aim to build upon, as opposed to just what we want to eliminate, particularly with assessment, communication, and engagement 


  • Holistic and systemic – recognizing individuals, communities, and processes are complex, filled with histories of struggle and resilience


  • Collaborative – engaging and honoring diverse perspectives and expertise to comprehensively understand issues and innovate equitable solutions that include the multitude of dynamics and experiences any one community or group encompasses

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" ~Aristotle





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